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Dr. Scott Johnson: The Amazing Braco – (The New Age Latest Scam)

contendingfortruthcom Dr Scott Johnson discusses the latest new age scam in the form of Braco the healer without medicine, religion, nor way of life. Of course that’s what Bracos’ promoters are saying & want you to believe, but those in Christ can clearly see that this man represents the new age & all the demons that go with it. Here’s a look at Braco in the way that he should really be looked at (Comical) not someone who should be followed as some sort of messianic figure.¬† For even Satan himself can do miracles if it means leading people to join him in hell.


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  1. Thank you for putting Braco on the internet. More people need to see him. Like Saul to Paul, hate is just love poured backwards. It’s nice to see how you connected your picture with Braco’s. He will build your faith in the Lord by real experiences. May his love bless all aspects of your life for the highest good.

    1. More people need to be aware of his con, in that I agree.
      The only miracle worker, Savior & pure love is the Lord Jesus Christ, any others are obviously antichrists!

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