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The Real World of Disney: Disney’s World


Deep programming of the collective unconscious has been advanced in the U.S. through what is loosely known as “Mind Control.” Our own Congress’s concern about comic books in the 1950s was no small matter. The government’s set-up of television as the perfect hypno-device is also no small matter.

That our vast “military industrial complex” has been secretly involved in deep programming of children on a massive scale is now a matter of record and is totally obvious. Fully 9/10s of children’s video games are programming them for warfare. Much of television is programming them for the “authority” of parental government with a broad mythic system of “endless war,” all based on the manipulation of a few key elements of theatre. Alpha-level political programming is now universally passed off as “entertainment” or “news.” Therefore, you are literally never told that such programming is really emotional contagion, a basic weapon of war.

This emotional contagion is extremely powerful but is designed to do one specific service for the elite: destroy the historically all-important parental duty of sex education in the vast non-elite population, what Freud knew as building the “reality principle,” so that these children are easily programmed by mass media, programming them for totalitarian delusion.

The best & most effective indoctrination tool for over 50 years, without a doubt has been, Walt Disney. Walter E. Disney before his found fame joined a secret society group called The Freemasons. The Masons are one of many branches of a bigger monster called the Illuminati; a group of rich elite who serve Lucifer & manipulate all major aspects of life in this world that forms our culture, society, & even our collective way of thinking. This include such as; music, movies, economy, government, politics, the media, & even some churches. Branches of the Illuminati such as the Freemasons pull strings for one another; while at the same time furthering their agenda.

For instance, if a member works as a shoe maker, while another works in the police department, & another as a judge. The shoe maker could easily have access to private files within the police department as well as having favorable judge rulings for any case he may encounter. These people are a network of gangsters who work in secret; making efforts to enslave the world & have the population worship their master in which is Lucifer (Satan).

Keep also in mind that an Illuminati person in the position of the shoe maker used in this example; would not be in that position for fame nor fortune, but rather to have a good undetectable front.  Speaking of fronts; that’s exactly what Walt Disney is all about, a good front to perpetrate all sorts of evil in order to perverse the children, & eventually destroy the family. In order to do this, the Illuminati carefully crafted Walter E. Disney & guarded his reputation, making him look like a man of good strong morals & with a fake Christian background. Although Walter liked to be called a “Christian”, Walter never followed a Christian lifestyle.

He did however enjoy drinking & smoking cigars. Walter never produced anything Christian like, but did produce plenty of material with lots of occultism embedded in them. Take for instance the movie “Fantasia”. Fantasia was considered to be too demonic for that era & had to be held back until the public was indoctrinated enough to embrace it as they already have done today.

Take also for instance, the movie “Cinderella”. Cinderella was heavily laced with witchcraft making witchcraft looked as something fun & good. The Bible clearly tells us on (Deuteronomy 18:10-11 KJV) : There shall not be found among you anyone ….that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter or a witch, or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. If Walt Disney was a “Christian”, then why did he heavily promote witchcraft in his films? The Bible tells us that by their fruits we shall know them (Matthew 7:16 KJV) A good tree will bear good fruit, & a bad tree bad fruit.

No good fruit comes out of a bad tree, and no bad fruit comes out of a good tree. Walt Disney being the supposed “good tree”, why was he bearing bad fruits? And we know he was bearing bad fruit because he went against the principles of the very bible that he claimed to embrace. Instead of encouraging people to enter the Kingdom of God, Walt Disney wants you to rather enter, “The Magic Kingdom” in which belongs to Satan.


The answer: Deception!

The same way that Satan comes as an angel of light, the same way his servants operate in order to achieve their goals & hidden agendas. I don’t know about you, but I won’t support especially with my money an organization in which focus is to destroy my family & enslave mankind. The best part for them is that they represent an image that is completely the opposite of the reality.

As masters of magic, fantasy, & illusion, they surely practice what they produce, & that’s witchcraft; But you will never hear this from the media.

As part of the Illuminati, their image is closely protected by the media who is also owned by the Illuminati.

The Lord Jesus Christ called false prophets, wolves in sheep’s clothes. The same can be said for false representation of good, when it fact is evil!

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